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Cllr Kasibo, Mike

My name is Cllr. Mike Kasibo, of Shenley Brook End and Tattenhoe Parish Councils, UK. I am a co-founder of African and Caribbean Arts & Heritage UNION as well as African Diaspora Festival and the founder and CEO of GOFMK, Milton Keynes.

I hold MSc in Global Cooperation and Security and BSc (Hons) Applied social studies, a diplomas in Business Communication and Leadership in Voluntary Sector and Community Organizing. With over 10 years experience in Community Organizing, Youth work, Social care, I have contributed to the programs geared towards building community cohesion, social justice, building trust, breaking cultural barriers as well as knife and gun crime, in Milton Keynes and Eastern Europe. I am passionate about social justice.

As head of Kasibo Development Foundation - I am proud of the KDF Academy which is under construction in Kachomo, in Budaka District of Eastern Uganda, East Africa. I see the new Academy as a challenge full of brave and exciting possibilities.

The KDF Academy will house four essential and innovative departments: music, agriculture, textiles and sports.

Music to engage the mind, agriculture to feed the body, textiles to clothe the body and sports to keep mind and body strong and fit.

I am planning for the school to open in the new year (2021). From there we will embark on the first stage of a long term programme aimed to benefit children and adults of Eastern Uganda, in particular the Kachomo region. We aim to sow the seeds from which the future generations of Uganda will flourish.

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