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Executive accounts director

Kasibo, Sarah

My name is Kasibo, Sarah I am 55 years old a nursery head teacher in Kampala, I have been in service for 15 active years.

I am a professional social worker; social development in young people is my major concern. I am passionate in my desire to improve the welfare and lives of children. Providing care for the elderly members of our society is of equal importance. Working with the community and bringing support to those who need it is a responsibility I welcome.

My research and data collection is of the highest standard, I provide accurate data when required for my own work and for others when asked.

I respect the truth and those who speak it. Honesty is important, I expect it from myself and the people I associate with.

Working with the Kasibo Foundation in the KDF Academy will be an exciting challenge for me and my colleagues. The opportunity to shape the lives and future of the next generation of musicians, farmers, textile developers and sportsmen in the Kachomo community will enhance my life and theirs.

Traveling and discovering new things are two of the things I love.

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