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Emmanuel Sakwe Ewang

Emmanuel Sakwe Ewang brings to the KDF music academy one of the most important insights a musician should learn.
Every day, all around the world, wooden guitars, flutes and other musical instruments are studied and performed with; they are treasured by those who own them.
Each instrument has a character of its own, but where does the journey from tree to treasure begin?
Mr. Emmanuel Sakwe Ewang is an exploiter and manufacturer of Gabon ebony wooden musical instrument parts based in Cameroon. Emmanuel will explain the process and development of the instruments we love to play.

Emmanuel Sakwe Ewang

"The KDF Academy in Kachomo, Uganda a very good project for urban development and capacity building. The academy will have a great impact on the social life of the young people in the community. Through the enthusiasm of the leaders of the academy they will learn to be independent and confident people. In my opinion it is important to stir and encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students as well as high standards of musicianship. The KDF Academy will deliver both. This go a long way to reducing rural - urban migration.
I will share my experience and expertise to demonstrate how the wood for an instrument is shaped in preparation to be delivered to instrument makers."

Gabon Ebony wood: used in manufactoring guitars etc.

Gabon Ebony, also known as “Gaboon” or “Black” Ebony sets the undisputed standard for true black wood around the globe and has done so throughout history. Highly prized throughout many civilizations as the purest of all black wood, it has been found in the most coveted places within Egyptian tombs. Other documented fondness by royalty shows it to have been the choice material for scepters and drinking cups by the ancient kings of India.


Email Emmanuel: jamesetrading@gmail.com

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