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Jireh God Our Provider Children’s Project operates in Keuka A village, puti-puti sub-county in Pallisa District. Eastern Uganda.

The area was traditionally a pastoralist zone and suffered cattle rustling in the late 1980s and early 90s. As a result, families have not fully recovered from the effects of this problem especially in the area of economic wellbeing. Poverty levels are high in the region, with more than 70% living below the poverty line.

A means of livelihood

Households rely on small scale agriculture as a means of livelihood. Caregivers do not have sustainable means of generating income.

They struggle to provide basic necessities like salt, soap, proper feeding and decent clothing among others.

In all this, Children are the most affected and deprived of essential needs.

Generating income

Families in this region have limited means of generating income to meet their house hold basic needs. When there is a surplus produce, it is sold off for some little income.

Households have very little land, produce very little food for subsistence of the big families yet with many other poverty related challenges that go unmet. With irregular income, caregivers cannot adequately cater for their homes.

Protecting the children

Registered children are affected; they do not have economically productive mindset because they have not been exposed to practical income generating opportunities, and this threatens their ability to support themselves in future.

80 percent of the families live in one or two roomed dilapidated houses which are grass thatched yet there is no grass. 70 percent of the married women are between 15 and25 years of age with poor parenting skills.

Jireh: The Vision

To be self – reliant and God fearing fulfilled Christian Adults.

Jireh: The Mission

To provide a safe learning environment, developmental environment for children to leave with a purposeful life and mould them into God fearing physically, spiritually, cognitively and socially build hope for a bright future.

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Jireh God Our Provider Children’s Project

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