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So far the University of Bedfordshire has donated over 400 chairs and 300m of library shelving. A special library will be build in the academy grounds.

The doors of the library will be open not only to our students but to anyone seeking knowledge in the community.


40 tables, a large variety of books, book trolleys and various items of stationery are ready and waiting to enhance the knowledge and reading skills of Kachomo.

It is important to feel welcomed and comfortable when studying for pleasure and academic achievement.


Lighting is very important to a library the University of Bedfordshire will be furnishing our new library with air conditioning units, carpet tiles and lights.

This generous donation was helped on it's way by Stephens Removals, storage container in Milton Keynes free of charge.


We live in a modern world where worldwide communication is essential. We appreciate the arrival of our new technology. A remarkable gift.

The donation from the University of Bedfordshire came with computers, monitors and laptops ready to greet our students.

The University of Bedfordshire helps Mike Kasibo's Ugandan library dream come true.

The University of Bedfordshire has helped Mike Kasibo fulfill his father’s dream of building a library in his local community in Africa. Mike Kasibo’s father, Patrick Kasibo, was a teacher and saw a need for a library in his native Uganda and even bought the land to build it on.

“Academic levels in the community were going down. There were not enough books in the schools and there was nowhere for people to sit down and read,” said Mike, who studied Applied Social Studies and graduated from the University of Bedford 2016.

Sadly Mike’s father died before he could start the project. Knowing how important it was to him, Mike took up his father’s cause to build the library in Kachomo, but still needed equipment like books and furniture to make it usable.

Mike, 38, who now lives in Milton Keynes, approached the University for help. As luck would have it, the University had just built a brand new library on the Luton Campus, leaving the old one full of equipment that was no longer needed. It was quickly decided that Mike should take whatever he needed for his own library.

Head of Library Development at the University Leo O’Neill said: “So far we have donated over 400 chairs, 300m of library shelving, 40 tables, books, book trolleys, stationery, computers, monitors and laptops to Mike and his project.

This is a very worthwhile project which will hopefully build close ties between us and communities in Uganda.”

Help also came from local company Stephens Removals, who helped transport the equipment to Mike’s storage container ready for shipping to Uganda free of charge.

“These things will help us create an enhanced learning environment. People will also have access to computers which will help them learn important IT skills. I’m so grateful to the University for donating all these things,” said Mike, who is hoping to have the library up and running early 2021.

“It would have been very difficult to finish the library without the help of the University,” said Mike. “There was a point where I couldn’t see a future, but this had made such a difference.”

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