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The Curriculum: Term 1

Term 1: The syllabus is focused totally on learning to read music and the creative benefits of the stave. Our students will sing, drum and enjoy the process.

Short music videos will accompany each item of term 1 creating a positive atmosphere to the subject being taught.

The Syllabus: Term 1

It is important to understand how to read music before starting to play music. During Term 1 this year's school choir will be selected.

Our academy students will travel to the villages to give then the opportunity to show the skills they have been learning.


Before formal music lessons begin next term selected students will accompany the teacher and their classmates on drums and percussion instruments.

Reading music and clapping in time needs a steady beat to follow. The academy choir will also need a drum section.

African music history

Over the 13 week period of Term 1 The history of African music written by Olusola Aebiyi will be told. Reminding our students the past is also part of the future.

Guests from the villages will be invited to share their memories and the memories passed down to them.

KDF Term 1 Music Videos

Term 1: Reading music.

Term 1 music lessons. The KDF music students will be taught to read music and learn about the History of African Music .

To keep the music reading lessons interesting before Term 2 and music lessons begin, the teacher will accompany the class on their own instrument. Backing tracks will be available whenever a practical aspect of music is required. Students will be encouraged to sing, clap in time and play drums.

As Term 1 progresses on its 13 week course, every aspect of the stave and the creativity of the stave will become clear.

Music lessons begin at the start of Term 2.

Knowing the knowledge of the stave will help our music students enhance their musicianship and performance.

  1. Video 1

    Video 1 demonstrates the use of a backing track - Term 1: Item 2 -
    Notes that last for 4 beats and their rests.

  2. Video 2

    Video 2 demonstrates the use of a backing track - Term 1: Item 56 -
    Joining the Note Names and the Timing of the note together.

    Video 3

    Video 3 demonstrates the use of a backing track - Term 1: Item 39 -
    Learning to make the Scale of C major. The eighth note is the octave and more.

    Video 4

    Video 4 demonstrates the use of a backing track - Term 1: Item 25 -
    Time signatures. First, a slow country / blues in 3/4 time. Second, a fast jazz tune in Cut Time, third 2/4 March time

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