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The History of African music has a pedigree so ancient that it is impossible to distinguish it from the origins of Human experience on this world.

The History of African music is indeed Humanity's first musical tradition. Literally, where it all began.


KDF Academy subscribes to the belief that when people are empowered with tools, knowledge and opportunity they will create a world where opportunity thrives.

Our aim here is not only to teach about music and to learn to play instruments, but to include self knowledge, and self esteem.

In harmony

We also believe that generalised knowledge can be culturally adapted to fit local situations and that the best people to do that are the students themselves.

Thus we are offering this course as part of an approach to providing an education in harmony through harmony.

Inherent Wisdom

We acknowledge the inherent wisdom of our students and have developed a course aimed at bringing that out in their own development in the community.

Our music students are encouraged to lead out from within, to positively develop their communities in multiple ways.

Origins of African Music - An overview

A drama and storytelling learning module based around the Bantu story of Marimba the deity of music.

Some elements.

Music and the Griot.
Learning the art of eloquence, public speaking, performance, drama and traditional storytelling. Including: learning traditional songs, building a Marimba and other indigenous instruments.

Principle of Vibration.

Relating to the idea of rebalancing historical narratives as a factor in building African self esteem.
This module will explore the Hermetic Principles which enhance mental, physical and spiritual balance and overall well being. Specifically developing a source of high energy through the principle of vibration.

Multiple Intelligences.

This module will focus primarily on developing musical intelligence.
Developing musical intelligence increases the potential for students to develop skills in other aspects of the whole academic curriculum at the KDF Academy.

Religion / Ceremony.

This module explores the absolutely central role that music plays in African religions and ceremonies continent wide.
Students will go into their communities to learn musical forms and meanings related to their own culture. They will then choose the music of another African culture to compare and contrast and compose an original piece, as a class, based on their learning


Musical healing is a mode of healing vastly overlooked in the Western world.
Because of its associations with a perceived ‘primitive’ traditional past, musical healing has often been relegated to the status of obscurity even in indigenous Africa. In this module students will study local indigenous modes of musical healing as well as collaborate on a project about the use of the Mbira by Shona Shamans of Zimbabwe.

Modern genres.

Students will learn through many different media to link history with the present day.
This module will show how music was involved in resistance and revolution particularly in the anti colonial struggle of African countries. They will also choose to study a key modern musical genre for example Afrobeats learning its history and how it evolved from specific traditions, Ngoma in apartheid South Africa.

Community Performance.

Students will learn all the aspects of creating a collaborative performance.
As well as the artistic genres of instrument playing, dance, song and storytelling etc. they will learn publicity, marketing, (the business of performance) promotion etc. They will organise a community celebration and performance showcase of their learning as a gift for the support of their locality in their many field endeavours.

The History of African Music written by Olusola Adebiyi.
Copyright © All rights reserved Olusola Adebiyi / Kasibo Development Foundation Uganda

Olusola Adebiyi

It is with great pleasure we introduce Olusola Adebiyi as writer of The History of African Music.
The story will be told throughout the KDF Music Academy school year.
Olusola Adebiyi is a wonderful story teller and will entrall the
KDF Academy music students with his words and pictures.

Olusola Adebiyi AKA Sola Story

Olusola Adebiyi has been described as a ‘captivating African performance Storyteller.’ He grew up in a Yoruba (people of what is now called Nigeria) household and hails from a lineage of orators, priests and hunters. The proverbs and legends he learned as a child from his family, served as ‘root soil’ in his development over the last 25 years as a professional storyteller. Sola Story is also an instructor in a dance like African Martial Science called KaZimba Ngoma and has been since 2001. He uses the Manyamas (animal forms) to enhance his storytelling narratives.

One review says of Sola:

“His unique and powerfully captivating blend of 'Physical Storytelling,' hypnotic narrative and audience participation, is inspirational, unforgettable, and resonates with audiences of all types.”

Sola Story combines Storytelling with Creative Facilitation

As Founder and Director of Narrative Mindfulness Ltd he has inspired children, young people and adults in Africa, the US and UK through two key programmes: The Awakening Creative Genius Programme, helping them develop self belief, emotional intelligence and Creative confidence through the power of arts blended with Storytelling.

Mythic Medicine Programme:

A conceptual modality that mixes storytelling, visualisation, Mindfulness and Embodiment. It provides keys to our ability to tune in to our intuitive knowing and to bring liberating meaning to life.

Author: Nyinka's Daughter

As an author Sola published his book Nyinka's Daughter in 2016 and is in the midst of publishing more.

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